Saturday, August 19, 2006


Brandywine damage

Okay, last night was too rainy to burn the summer squash plants, and what do you think I found when I looked at them this morning? A club-sized zucchini.

The chickens are no longer welcome near the tomatoes. Very discriminating tastes, these girls...they only go for the ones I have been watching. This tomato, for example, which was the first to pinken up, and was pushing 3/4 of a pound! So today other than burning and canning, it is time for a trip to the farm supply for some fencing. Sniff.


Michele Owens said...

First tomato to pinken up? So I'm not the only person whose tomatoes are peculiarly, upsettingly, apocalyptically 3 weeks behind?

Carol said...

That is so sad about the tomato. Darn chickens!

El said...

First BIG tomato to pinken up. The striped romas, green zebras and multitudinous small fruited varieties are all red red red. (I think I have 9 varieties growing out there.)But you're right, Michele: I pulled a bag of sauce out of the deep freeze from last year's crop and the bag said 7/31/05. Can it be we're really that behind? And Carol, I am still debating the whole chicken:garden issueas it still may only be a chicken:tomato issue.