Thursday, August 03, 2006


This is what we SHOULD expect daily.

Quite the storms we had last night. It hopefully brought in a cold front, like the storms on Sunday brought in that horrible heat we just had.

The chickens haven't quite accepted their new coop as their own. I have had to physically eithter carry them or tempt them with food to get them to roost in the evenings. And the whole where-to-lay-the-eggs thing is kind of out of whack, too. So we left them all in the coop for a long time this morning, and hopefully we shall find three eggs as a product of their captivity.

Only 3 of the five are laying. The three layers are the Isa Browns, our 3 red birds (Bonnie, Beatrice and Margie). This is a breed that was created in 1978 here in the U.S. as a hyperproducing brown egg layer. They typically are killed off after their 2nd year (when their egg production starts to diminish), but each bird can produce something like an egg a day during that time. The other two girls are Ameraucanas, which are also known as Easter egg chickens; their eggs can be anywhere from green to blue. These are Phyllis and Maude (aka Zsa Zsa). The Isa Browns are horribly friendly and tame; Maude is somewhat aloof, and Phyllis is very chicken for a chicken...

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