Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Drip, drop.

I was going to blather on about weeds again in today's post, as that's one of my favorite topics, but I got sidelined by rain rain rain.

It rained all day yesterday. This is normally not a problem, except yesterday's rain was more a deluge than a trickle. Even the chickens, who're clad in wash-and-go feathers, appeared soaked when I got home. It is still raining now, and I am wondering what the damage is in the garden.

You see, with our clay soil, big beautiful tall August plants tend to fall down. Once the rain lightens up, I will have to do an "after" picture.

This is the "before" pic taken last Thursday during a bubble-blowing session.

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Leslie said...

El, thanks for leaving the advice about the artichokes at 'dreams and bones' this morning. It helped me find YOUR blog and I have very much enjoyed reading it this morning. I'll be back.