Saturday, August 05, 2006


I once read a book in my heady grad school days that took the concept of mistake-making and applied it to religion. I think the guy was trying to reconcile the human need for godfulness in a postmodern/deconstructivist world. Whatever. What stuck with me after reading the book is the need we humans have FOR error. I think most people would argue otherwise, but erring is something we can't learn without. And gardening is certainly a case in point.

The canteloupe that is taking over the world by the compost heap is NOT a canteloupe but a birdhouse gourd. I actually investigated the thing last night and thought, what smooth leaves, like velvet, wow, that is unusual for a canteloupe...HEY, wait a minute...

Most endeavors worth their salt are lessons in humility.

(The book was Erring: A Postmodernist A/Theology by Mark C. Taylor. And I went to grad school for architecture.)

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