Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Reluctant recycling

The above is a hose guide that I fashioned from a 2x2 and a tiny pot. Those pots are so tiny as to be relatively useless, plant-wise, because they dry out so soon. But with a wood screw and a washer, I have turned these found items into a garden catch-all. Oh, yeah, and it also acts as a great adult-beverage holder when I am out doing an evening watering.

There are legions of books that focus on how to recycle things for your garden. Like, make tomato cages out of old tires. Well, I am enough of a builder (read: home improvement store consumer) that I have not really gone down the path of recycling my milk jugs, panty hose and onion bags for the greater good of the greenery. I also think this house and buildings have seen enough thrift and misuse of recycled products. SO I am trying to recycle things without making the place look like a trash field.

This morning is gloriously cool. I love it, but then again, doesn't that mean fall is not far behind??

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Liz said...

Oh, Fall is definitely in the air, and I couldn't be more pleased. :) I am never as productive.