Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Maude: "Not happy."

We did two things to piss off the birds yesterday. One, I fenced them out of their beloved veg garden and compost heaps. And two, we made them new nesting boxes. You are supposed to have one nesting box per 4-5 birds, but there have been times when the girls had to wait. So we made more for them. Here is the new setup:

And here is their response this morning:


Liz said...

Oh, they really showed you. ;) I love Maude's expression!

Carol said...

Who's in charge of that coop, anyway? Great pictures.

Artemisia said...

Gaad! That's funny!! I used to raise chickens & it's amazing just what rugged little personalities they all possess. Those boxes look like a pretty sweet set up to me! They'll get used to it! (Loved those eggs on the floor, tho! :])