Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tomato lust

Striped Romans: my pride and joy

The Mother of All Colanders and I have had a busy week. Right now, 6 pints of beets are cooling, and the pressure canner is spitting with its 5 pints of tomato soup. So many tomatoes, so little time.

When the going gets tough, though, the tough make ratatouille. And for the second time this week. The kitchen is wonderfully stinky right now with roasting red peppers.

Tonight, Tom gets to try his organic free range local chicken from the place where we get our raw milk. I am going to attempt to make some butter from that milk tonight when I watch a movie.


Liz said...

What's funny is that I had just decided that I'm not going to grow Striped Romans again next year... they weren't terribly prolific, the skins were thick, and the stinkbugs really liked them. Yours, on the other hand, look great.

El said...

Ah but you see I am a sucker for beauty. Utility, well, the Amish Paste tomatoes are horribly prolific, and beautiful in the generic-tomato sense of the word. My other beauties (I will have to take some snaps of them) are the green zebras and the hillbillies: both gorgeous AND tasty. But you are right: the Romans are thick-skinned and somewhat fussy.