Sunday, October 29, 2006


I have had the good fortune of finding a husband who loves books as much as I do. You see that "what kind of flower are you" thingy I put on this site? One of the questions is "How many books are in your house," then it gives in my eyes an absurd option like 0-5, 6-10, etc. up to 100. A hundred? Per room, I hope they meant, and checked it, because geez, we even have books in our dining room.

And to add to our sagging floor joists, Tom went to the local library's book sale yesterday, armed with two large cloth Ikea bags. He came back with the little stash in the photo below for me. And he got a lot of kids' books for the kid, with names like "My Turtle Died Today" and "Jeepers There's a Jet", all in the same obvious vintage as my gardening selection, i.e., 1950s.

Here, of course, is my favorite. Now my question is, when is it that I can become an Old Wife? I mean, I am not young, but I have only been married 4 years. Do I have long to wait?


Jane said...

I can't imagine a home without books, animals, children.
One little girl came into my 6 year old's party last month, looked at our dining room book shelves and went "WOW, you have a library".
I hope that you will be sharing some of those old wives secrets.

Jenn said...

Our dining room is our library. Mixed use room!

And, like you, we easily have an average of 100 books per room in this house. What would life be without books? Terribly dry, even with the internet...

Liz said...

If I had a dining room, I'm sure I'd have books in there, too. Who could LIVE in a house that only had 0-5 books?!

vonlafin said...

I can't imagine life without books, or library book sales! I actually have that book in your picture, that I also picked up at a book sale, and I also have books in every room. Do you have your books on librarything?