Thursday, October 12, 2006


Chilly chickies catching a little light

(Is it just me or is Blogger really boggy today?)

Well, the heat is on, the salt trucks were out, and there was snow in the medians as we made our way this morning. Sigh, big sigh, I am so underprepared. Even the wooly sheep were hiding out in their shed today.

The quick drop in temperatures was preceded, as ever, by blustery winds whipping off the lake. Down come the leaves that are still quite colorful: our daughter said they "shivered and shook." Then sleet, then this fake-looking stuff that wants to be snow, but somehow isn't...reminds me of the chickens' first attempts at eggmaking. There is intent there. Just haven't gotten it right yet. Need more practice.

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Liz said...

Oh I would be so underprepared for snow. Waaaay too soon, yep. We've got blowing, driving rain which is plenty for now.