Sunday, October 01, 2006


The start of something new: pak choy babies

I have always been one to overestimate my strength. I don't know what I was thinking, but all that rain means the garden paths are boggy. And I had taken on the task of putting in the new perimeter beds: a big U-shaped bed that's 45'x50'x45' at the outside perimeter, and is 3' wide. It needed more dirt to be a RAISED bed, of course; so, shovelful after wheelbarrowload after wheelbarrowload, I think I schlepped 30 loads of just dirt. And another 15 of compost. Wet compost, wet clay dirt. And I wondered why I hit a wall at 1:30 today, unable to continue.

Today is the second anniversary of the purchase of our farm.


Liz said...

Happy farm anniversary! Just don't kill yourself by exhaustion by the time the next one rolls around. ;)

Jane said...

It cheered me to know that there is someone else out there who starts the day with an expensive, optimistic vision of how its going to be and then gets stuck (usually in the mud) sometime just after lunch.
Invite some poeple round who haven't been to the farm for a while and they will remark on all the things you've accomplished that you have forgotten about.

El said...

Jane, that is a wonderful suggestion. Too bad I am too big of a masochist to ask people for help! It wouldn't be too impressive, would it, if I had HELP. (Oh what a horrible barn-raiser I would be, eh?) And here's the thing. I was STILL wiped out yesterday, and went to bed at 9.