Sunday, November 12, 2006

Outdoor work is done...

Kale nestled in its leaf bed

Yesterday I was amazed at how much work I was able to accomplish INSIDE the house. I confess folding laundry and the like are not high priority in the gardening months.

I also stopped hoarding leaves last week. Tom's last mow/leaf pickup definitely gave us enough green matter to cover every garden and raised bed for the winter, and a little extra to add to the compost heap. So now everything is tucked away, waiting for the cold winds and the snow.

I feel a bit at a loss now for what to do with my time. Hmmm...clean the house?


Jane said...

You are surely not THAT desperate El!

The County Clerk said...

There's plenty do. It will be seed starting time soon.

My suggestion - do the one thing I never do but always plan to do: sit in a chair in the garden. just sit there. Don't read. Just pull on a sweater and chill.

I garden. I have chairs. I never sit in them.

I think we have a week or two left until the end of that possibility.