Thursday, November 02, 2006

Political gardening

Like most places at this time of an election season, there're tons of campaign signs around us. Well, it bugs me when signs--Republican signs, of course--end up showing up where they shouldn't. So it got me thinking.

Why not liberate the signs? You know, put them to better use?

So here are a few, set to good use in my garden. I had some Asian greens, rapini and radicchio that could use some help during these cold days and colder nights.

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:


Jenn said...

Mmmm. And just where did you 'liberate' your signs from, missy? Hmmm?

El said...

From my own property!!! They put them on our corner, and our neighbor's land, too (another Democrat).

Carol said...

Very good use for the signs. I hate all of them, regardless of their party affiliation.

Jenn said...

El! I've never had them do that. Something to be thankful for, I guess. Man, that's raw.

I usually go around after the elections (like, in the spring) and grab ones that freakin' losers* never took down.

*(doesn't matter if they won the election or not, they're losers for the pollution factor!)

El said...

We live in the country with very few where there are, they tend to blanket them with signs. I really don't take it personally. It is a mostly Republican area, so I am sure they assume we wouldn't MIND! So very wrong.

I nabbed them from all 4 corners, now, too. 16 signs total.

Anonymous said...

Hum great idea, I am planting my winter tomatoes this weekend, god knows we have plenty of Republican signs in Florida

BurdockBoy said...

What a great idea. I have used the wire of political signs in the past for my own garage sale signs, but this is even better.

Even the local Green candidates up here are plastering their signs everywhere. It seems like that goes against their platform.

Leslie said...

Because of this post, I cannot walk my neighborhood without chuckling. It may be the most useful thing George Allen ever did for the Commonwealth of VA.