Saturday, November 18, 2006

Woe the timechange

Okay, it's getting entirely too dark entirely too early. After two weeks, you'd think I'd'a gotten used to the timechange by now, but no. I harvested some greens by flashlight last night! (Sheesh!) Quite tasty, quite chilly, and growing too slowly to replenish themselves rapidly after my nighttime nabbings are three types of arugula, some pak choy, some radicchio, and lovely little spoons of tatsoi. Yum.

I am still getting potatoes, leeks, two types of kale, swiss chard and collards out of the garden. That's some fine soup-making stuff, certainly. And as ever, my plans for "next year" are legion. But I REALLY need to do a lot more season-extending exercises (like my political sign liberation) to really avoid grocery-store greens next year.

(Why is it I always do my best gardening in the future tense?)


Colleen said...

Again, I'm envying you. I have NOTHING left to harvest. I'm determined to plant more greens next season.

All of my best gardening happens in the future tense, too :-)

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