Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2006 Garden Review

Parsley, taking an end of season bow
The garden recap, 2006

We had a garage sale when we lived in Minneapolis the spring before we moved. I brought out boxes of books, categorized by subject, alphabetized by author, all boxes labeled. Nutty, I know, but it was something I had to do. Now, this was Minneapolis, which has a fairly well-educated citizenry: one patron looked at the books, looked between Tom and me, and said, “Which one of you is INTJ?”

(Now, it will be a cold dark day if some random Michigander garage-sale shopper even KNOWS Myers-Briggs categories, much less can look at one’s spread of books and can type the book sorter. It will also be a cold dark day before I ever have another garage sale.)

With this in mind, I hereby give a wrapup of my 2006 vegetable season. Here are the five “truths” of the season:
1. Mulch. Mulch with anything on hand, but mulch. Copiously. Repeatedly.
2. Nobody Grows Alone. No single grouping of plants for the bugs seek/destroy.
3. Squash bugs are Enemy #1.
4. Succession planting = Successful planting. In some instances, I planted things eight different times.
5. Giant of Italy parsley was the surprise winner of the season.

Over the next few whatever--weeks, days--I will go over each pretty little thing that got planted out this year. Maybe it will help you suss out what you may want to plant next season; maybe it won't be completely juicy blog material, but hey: this IS a gardening blog, after all.

As it is, I need to review my notes and seed packages. They're all organized, you know, by plant family, growth type, and general requirements. Of course. It was something I had to do.


Natalia said...

I have to laugh, I am an INTJ as well. My bookshelves at home are sorted by genre/subgect then alphabetized by author's last name within each category. My mother thinks I have gone insane. I just like to know where my books are.

Carol said...

I am in ISTJ. I am pretty darn good at doing the same thing every year at the same time.