Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thinking about a recap

Smooshed Green Zebra (looks like I forgot to bring this one in)

I've been reflecting on the last veg garden season. I do take garden notes, and make sketches...but you know, it's hard to really capture a whole season in time when you succession plant about half of your garden's contents every month! And because I am an architect, I also have the damned plan on Autocad. Seriously.

I really am not this organized in real life.


Tracy said...

What you really need is Revit so that you can do virtual walk-through's and fly-overs of the garden. Plus, you'd be able to track the sun patterns. ;)

(Nope, I'm not an architect but an Autodesk reseller. I've thought about putting my plans on CAD, but for now they're just on graph paper.)

Anonymous said...

El, you are such a geek. How did the painter/literaire I first knew take such a turn?

El said...

Hoy, Teem, yes; can't quite figure it...where DID I go so wrong. I know where: the Area command in AutoCAD. It's so nice to actually KNOW how much soil I toil. There's something so gratifying about quanifying things. It's a holdout of counting the rosary, I think, during my childhood.

And Tracy, yeah, I do Revit, but frankly, I am so 2D it's silly.

Jenn said...

"...damned plan on Autocad. Seriously.

I really am not this organized in real life."

Ditto this, ditto!