Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is it winter yet?

Asparagus stalks in their mulched bed

I had a coworker who'd routinely take his lunch at the late hour of 1:30pm. In our 8-5 worklives, he claimed his return to his desk made 5:00 seem so much sooner.

It's January 2nd, and somehow winter's delay does NOT make it seem that spring is near.


meresy_g said...

Nope. Not yet. I saw forsythia blooming over the weekend. This is so weird. But I'm still not complaining.

The County Clerk said...

I disagree.

December is too early (for me) to look at seed catalogs, but Janaury is not.

We are moving along. We've passed the solstice. The days ARE growing longer now.

My attitude is this: any day where my mustache is not crispy is a GOOD day.

Soon, it will be time to sow the digitalis and delphinium... those 30 days germinators that drive me crazy.

But I won't rush the gate like I do every year with lettuce. I think I'll sow lettuce an hour or two before I plan to harvest it.

However, my bulbs are up. So, they'll get creamed.



Laurie said...

Okay, you had me at Fedco. Then you added "cucina povera." You're on my roll.

But I can't comment without using my Blogger account for some @#$* reason so I'll leave my leave my address here


Colleen said...

I agree. It just seems like we're in some weird kind of limbo right now. Usually, in early January we'll have some kind of decent snowfall, but from the forecasts, it's not looking like that will happen. Yes, in a screwed up kind of way, I need a blizzard before I can start expecting spring. As far as my internal seasonal clock is concerned, we're not even in winter yet.