Tuesday, January 16, 2007

W is for winter

Images from yesterday and today at the arbor

It's a snow day from school around here. We're awaiting the deluge. School had about 6" more than we have (I still had sheep duty this morning). We got a lot of that icy stuff that hit much of the country yesterday.

The chickens made loud "what's with the white stuff" protestations when I let them out of the coop this morning. Me? I am just so glad winter is finally here.


meresy_g said...

It was flurrying a little on the drive in to work this morning. It does feel right though and even though I despise being cold, it was a welcome sight. No ice though please. Enjoy your snow day. May I suggest grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch?

El said...

NUM! That sounds just great, especially since I made focaccia last night.

Liz said...

I feel the same way... it FINALLY got here! Although I could do without that ice. Blech.

BurdockBoy said...

We still don't have as much snow as we should, but I was in Duluth, MN yesterday and they have NONE. I don't think that has ever happened.