Saturday, February 03, 2007


Yep, it is still snowing. Add a bit of wind (actually, more than a bit) and some really cold temperatures (+10*F) and you have yourself a blizzard!!

What a great day to stay inside, bake bread, and do a ton of laundry. Wishing all of you warmth.


Liz said...

Is it weird that I'm a smidge jealous? We got 4" last night, but no blizzarding to speak of. ;)

BurdockBoy said...

No blizzarding here, but 20 below tonight.

Artemisia said...

As you may recall, we're 30 miles south of Chicago & it's -5 degrees here right now (it's also 4:30 am). I hope this will help to cut down on next summer's mosquitoes!