Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Only one creature here truly loves the white stuff

Penny. The snow is deeper than she is tall, though, in many places. (She's an Australian cattle dog.)

So I took the kid and dog out yesterday (it was a balmy +6*F) to alleviate a bit of cabin fever. I put the snowshoes on, and I tried in vain to find M's plastic sled. I think it is buried in a snowbank. SO I found her old sled, the cute wood one with a padded seat and backrest, and tramped around the yard and down to the pond. She fell out four times, twice head-first into the snow. The sled is not the easiest thing to pull around.

That, my friends, was about as much fun as a hangover. But the cocoa afterward was fun.


Jennifer said...

That's a happy face. Nice dog.

Carol said...

Cocoa with marshmallows, I hope.