Monday, February 05, 2007

Refrigerator tag

Hmm. I got tagged by Burdockboy to, strangely, show the inside of our refrigerator. Pretty slim pickings in there; there's usually a lot more milk. And strangely, I am noticing that you can't really grab-and-go with anything out of here, with the exception of the fruit and the carrots. It all needs to be made into something else, and a lot of the things are vaguely inedible (sourdough starter, anyone? How 'bout a gob of ghee?).

My family doesn't really care for leftovers. Fresh lunch and dinner, yes. They're spoiled.

Someone else said that the best advice they ever got was "Make friends with the cook."

I'm not going to tag anyone, though I do think it is an interesting sociological study...


BurdockBoy said...

Thanks for joining in. Since I recently read Hungry Planet, perhaps this is as close to that as we can get.

I'm sure by summertime your fridge is stuffed full of garden veggies.

Favorite Apron said...

At least your fridge is neat and clean! With 4 kids, it seems someone is always rummaging in ours.

El said...

So I thought about it some more (I am prone to do that) and I realize, Burdockboy, that a full refrigerator kind of puts me in a panic. I know with other people, they get a feeling of relief from a full fridge (i.e., we won't starve, we have a lot of choice) but for me I feel it's a timebomb. Gotta eat it all FAST.

I feel more of a panic if our dry pantry or our chest freezer gets low!

meresy_g said...

I thin we have the same refrigerator. Do you have a bottom drawer freezer? I am a big fan of leftovers. My husband, not so much. I love cooking a huge pot of something and then eating it for lunch and dinner for several days. Kind of strange I guess.