Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Morris Heading Collards

I did a walk-through (in boots) in the veg garden this morning. Lots to look at, some to eat.

It will be very warm today; we could break records for March 13th. About a half-hour drive away from the lake it is supposed to be 75* or so; here, thanks to the insulating power of that body of water, it might reach the upper 60s. The windows are open and the heat is off. The frogs are out, the snow is melting, the ground stinks of death and life. Ah, veg stink. I missed it!

Pak choy and radicchio

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meresy_g said...

It was almost 80 degrees in southeastern PA yesterday. And we are expecting 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow. So not fair. It was nice to have the windows open yesterday afternoon though. I love the smell of warm wet dirt!