Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pease-porridge hot

Pease porridge has nothing to do with peas. Here're peas in inoculant porridge.

St. Patrick's Day was pea-planting day around here. Super-early peas require plantings 4-6 weeks before the last frost. I am impatient with peas. They are planted SO early, then they seem to take forever to get going, and forever (again) to produce something to eat. I think what happens, frankly, is I get really distracted when heavy pea-harvest time comes around: so many other things need doing, and I am forever eying the spot where the peas reside and think: wow. Give up that real estate already.

Then I pick off a pod and taste it.

My garden for a pea, I think.

But today it was really cold, so I thought of the nursery rhyme, went back inside the house post-planting, and made up some rice cereal. Yum. Lots of butter and honey! Not cold, not nine days old...

Oh, and the ground was frozen. I hewed what I could with the maul and then covered the babies with compost. Hope it works.

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Carol said...

I also planted my peas on St. Patrick's Day, but fortunately, the ground wasn't frozen. It was good to get outside and do a little hoeing!