Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One Local Summer 2007

#1 Pea Picker and #2 Pea Stealer here at Old Vines

So~! GO MIDWEST. Looks like we've got PLENTY of interested parties willing to give One Local Summer a try this year. Liz has frankly been overwhelmed by the positive response, so we're going to close the sign-up for the internet roundup. Say what, you didn't get a chance to sign up? Well. There's always next year, kids! And of COURSE you can play along at home too!

Please stay tuned here for Monday round-ups of One Local Summer fare. I am so excited for us all. There are so many great ideas and recipes to try, so much inspiration out there...not to mention just plain good eatin'. And participants: make sure you list your sources (other than your back yards, of course) so that other local yokels can ALSO support those farmers.


meresy_g said...

your little girl is so very cute. And how awesome that she gets excited about peas.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

#1 Pea Picker is adorable--and how great that she plays in the garden with you, too. :)

I'm happy to play along. I'm not going to do well for the first two weeks because I can't get to any farmer's markets due to work, but I want to see what I CAN do instead of focusing on what I CAN'T do.