Monday, June 04, 2007

Put this in the Blatantly Honest category

The child was helping me in the garden Sunday, and she showed me a sowbug doing its rollup trick. Then she stopped and looked at me intently with a puzzled expression.

"Mama, your eyes are cracked."


"That skin, it's cracked. Does it hurt?"

It took me a minute. She meant my crow's feet.

(I consoled myself by saying well, it's a sunny day, after all...)


meresy_g said...

Oh my. Did you laugh or look very very sad? Gotta love little kids and their honesty.

El said...

M, I laughed my ass off. Then I explained what wrinkles were, and I made sure to call them "laugh lines."

Phelan said...

sorry, but ~giggle~

cookiecrumb said...

See, that's "aw, cute."
I remember the mutual freakout when my Dad looked at my crow's feet and gasped. Not sure if he was thinking "Oh, my little girl!" or "Damn, you make *me* feel old."

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Too funny El!
Love those kid comments.

lisa said...

Well I'm sure you must have been squinting VERY hard!!