Thursday, July 19, 2007

On bounty

Digitalis, second blooming

Summer is a time of heady excess. I dump a lot of my garden pictures in one folder called (unimaginatively) "Garden," where they are, for the most part, chronological. So in this I see the dearth of the gray snaps from winter and the overwhelming pictures that are the green of the growing season. What do I have to talk about in winter, I wonder, as now, well, there's TOO much to discuss. Like the little hairs on the foxglove above.

But I swear I have a form of ADD, gardening-wise, during the season of sprouting, too: What hairs.


meresy_g said...

I bet those hairs feel good to a bee. Like a little magic fingers massage or a nice long back scratch.

cookiecrumb said...

My Cranky says he has ADDIY.
He fidgets distractedly, and gets stuff done.

The County Clerk said...

Oh my.


I can't come up with anything to say except:

"Oh my"

Howa 'bout "Wow"?

Got any more of these?

Marie said...

Reminds me of a little old lady with hairs on her chinny chin chin.

El said...

M: Can you imagine, and that is work for a bee? (Nice work, if you can get it)

CC: That sounds like me on coffee! Tom saw a magazine for (as you know ALL things have their own magazines) ADD adults in his allergist's office. Why it was in the allergist's office is beyond me, but I asked Tom, so, was the mag 10 pages long?

Hank: Lots more. I like this cream one, though.

Marie, little old lady hairs used to freak me out (can't they, you know, SEE them?) then I hit my forties and am having the damndest time reading ingredients labels, so I now "get it." The wisdom that comes with age!