Thursday, July 05, 2007

On record keeping, part 2

Alcea rosea

My lack of garden note-taking sometimes rankles. These are some of the hollyhocks that are blooming now. I planted them from seed LAST year, and it is this year that they bloom: they're true biennials. Did I remember that they are doubles? NO. I saw the first one bloom and I kind of cringed, "doubles, drat." Then the second flower came out and you know what? They're rather pretty. And when they fall, it's like a milliner's store-worth of Easter bonnets on the ground. Not bad.


The County Clerk said...

Gorgeous. Take another look through fresh eyes: GORGEOUS!

I LIKE the doubles. I also like the singles. I like hollyhocks.

And there is no amount of "enough" in garden note taking. I am CONTINUALLY surprised by things that are not (or should not be) surprising.

Beautiful photos.

meresy_g said...

They are gorgeous. And they make very fancy little skirt for gardeny type dolls for a certain little girl to play with.

Tami said...

Lovely photos.
I like the doubles.

LostRoses said...

{And when they fall, it's like a milliner's store-worth of Easter bonnets on the ground.}

Nice bit of imagery there, El! Great hollyhocks.

Marie (FKA Piana Nanna) said...

I love the doubles, I think there's something special about them. I need to make a note to myself to plant some seeds. Can I wait for two years though? I think not.

El said...

I guess I am just a purist at heart. Doubles in something simple like hollyhocks smacks of "lots of messing" to me.

Hank, I know I am not alone with the surprises. It's a good thing.

M, great idea! Too bad she doesn't much care for dolls.

Tami, thanks!

Lostroses, aw, shucks. I was grasping there.

Marie, sometimes I have had to wait three seasons for them to bloom. Not that I mind at all.