Sunday, September 30, 2007

An afternoon's efforts

The six beds on the bottom are where the greenhouse will be. That mass of boxes is used to line the paths in the gardens...then, I dump wood chips on top. Today it's just a mess. Oh, and I am atop the chicken coop.

So, this was my task yesterday. I thought about renting a ditch witch, but I knew renting/loading/unloading/using/loading/unloading/unrenting would be about as much caloric energy (and probably more time, frankly) than getting out my big daddy boss hog tiller to bust up the sod and then using my little girly wageslave lackey arms and back to dig the trench.

Frankly, this little trench was beautiful. It was a bit of a shame to have to fill it back in again.

Oh, and I ended up needing more than 100' of pipe. And I hummed chain-gang tunes to myself whilst I worked.


Kelly said...

So your kids LET you get this kind of work done? I am duly impressed on about a thousand levels. And we won't mention the tinge of jealousy. mmkay?

El said...

Well, Kelly, "let" is a bit of a dodge on my part: my kid (singular, which of course halves the work) is the only grandchild, and both grandmothers just love their grandkid time. That, and my own mother, if you mention the "g" word (greenhouse in this case) says things like "you want me to take her for a week?" as she's a bit of a vegetable lover.

cookiecrumb said...

BTW, send me your address for fennel seeds. They are HEADY!
cookiecrumb1 AT sbcglobal DOT net.

meresy_g said...

I am truly impressed. I would get completely overwhelmed and stand there with a shovel in my hands for an hour or so not being able to start. I'm so excited that you are putting in a greenhouse! I'm hoping to put in a small cold frame, but I need to get on the ball.

El said...

CC: great! Loves me some wild fennel.

M: Yes, I know! I procrastinated for about two hours beforehand, even taking on not-so-fun tasks first. But really, once you get going? Your mind is completely free to wander all over the place, as the task at hand really doesn't require much of you at all.