Friday, October 05, 2007


Yep! Hot off the press, just released Tuesday night: Alice Waters' latest. I am happy, as simple food is what I love. It's a fairly basic cookbook, actually. But consider the source: in her talented hands, and with her instructions, simple magic can happen in anyone's kitchen.

But what you're looking at, of course, is a bribe.

You see, Tom leaves for London on Tuesday. Alone. Without us! So he needs to do some things to curry my favor.

He's going to be in an art fair--slash--show there. It's his profession's version of a convention, I suppose; in such an instance I am glad I am not going, conventions being what they are. (I would never drag him to an AIA convention.) But then, London is a place where the child and I could have plenty of fun...with or without him.

As it is, we'll see what trouble we can get in at home...


meresy_g said...

London without you? I hope you get a good gift-a-day for every day he's gone. The first one is pretty awesome though. Do share some of the highlights as you try them out.

Artemisia said...

Missing out on a trip to London? That'd probably grounds for divorce where I come from... ;)

El said...

M: Oh yeah, and I am giving him a list.

Artemisia: It's a short trip! I will go when he has his own solo show (probably next year) and I intend to stay for a while.