Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Moving away from this site

Hey, I need some input from you non Blog**er people out there. Where should I go, type8pad, word8press? I am looking to free sites, so any input would be appreciated.

OH, and the reason I am considering a move? COMMENTS! It's hard to do here! So email me or, if it is not too arduous, leave a comment.

the email is fastweedpuller at gmail dot com.

Thanks in advance, kind readers!


Anonymous said...

Ok, let's give this a try. Lately blogger hasn't wanted me to leave comments and blogger users' pictures down show up with their profiles.

I use wordpress. It's simple, gives me statistics for two days and hasn't ever given me a problem.

gintoino said...

I'm with blogger too, and i haven't had any problems with comments...or maybe I just don't know about them... ;-)

Liz said...

Personally, I like wordpress, but if you don't want to have to deal with moving your whole blog, why not install Haloscan comments? No fussy word verification, etc.

Laura said...

I'm partial to Wordpress, both the free version and the installed on your server version. I actually moved my blog from blogger to wordpress early last year. It was pretty damn easy - let me know if you need help figuring it out (urbanhennery at comcast dot net).

MommyMommy said...

I just moved to wordpress. I didn't move because of comment problems, but I wanted to have pages. It is really easy to move your whole blogger blog there in about 5 clicks, comments and everything.


Anonymous said...

So glad I found your blog through Rant! My partner & I are trying to do as much local eating as possible here in the Boston area, though it will be easier & less expensive if we can get a garden plot! Anyway, it was great to read about your journey, including the incursions of non-gardening life (mommydom, etc.) Thank you.

Anyway, I moved over to Livejournal recently, though I haven't had time to move all my posts from Blogger. (Winter project -- only 1 more week of work for the 2007 landscaping season!) Mainly, a lot of my college & loacl friends are on LJ, and I liked their friend pages.

Kim said...

I heart wordpress. I enjoy the simple, varied layouts they offer, it was easy to move there from blogger, and I've had no problems with comments. Good luck!

El said...

Seasonseatings: yay! I think wordprss might just be the way to go.

Gintonio: Yeah, how would you know? I had to hear it third hand.

Liz: (halowhat?) I'm sure there are band-aids out there, but I have actually been kind of peeved by the other limits of Blog88r, so... Thanks for the suggestion!

Laura: Actually, your (and Kim's) format was the one I liked! So if I copy it don't hate me, okay? But I might take you up on the help if I run into a wall.

MM: Yes, pages. I had to learn what those were! Thank you for the input: it's good to know your transition was really easy.

Ima: I have only read a few blogs that are on LJ. I think it is cool that it has other facebook kind of features and links and the like. It might have too many features for simple me, though ! BUt do get a little community garden plot; you would be amazed how much stuff you can pull out of it. And read Joan Dye Gussow's book (This Organic Life) to get lots of inspiration.

Kim: Again, I like how simple (in a good way, natch) your site is...that is what I am going for, believe me, so...thanks!

MrBrownThumb said...

If you're looking for "free" WordPress wouldn't be the way to go. WordPress would be the way to go if you're going to pay for your own hosting though.

I signed up an account with WordPress and was not that impressed for a free service. If you want to modify the theme (template on Blogger) you have to pay. Of course you could use any of the free template available. But you'll have to pay if you're handy and would like to customize a theme for yourself. You get 50 MB whereas on Blogger you get 1024 MB. On blogger I'm at 30MB with under 400 posts in two years. Had I started my garden blog on Word Press I would have to start paying for more storage pretty soon.

Melinda said...

I've heard from a couple of my readers that my iWeb comments have a similar problem. Oh boy can I tell you stories of iWeb blues... If I could move to Wordpress, I would. That was my second choice. Good luck!

Melinda, Elements In Time

El said...

MBT: Hmm. Space could be an issue with my reliance on photos. Very interesting. Makes me think I ought to have WP host my domain name too (but frankly that's sounding really professional and all that). I appreciate your wisdom.

Melinda: My husband is a mac head and he is trying to convert me (unsuccessfully I might add). My main resistance is language. Things just can't talk to each other, I don't care how wonderful Leopard is: my Autocad (my main architectural program) might work but at what cost? Can anyone else use my files, for example, without me jumping through flaming hoops first? I don't care how hep Macs are, I'm really just a PC Luddite.

Liz said...

When I had a blogger blog, I used Haloscan for comments because it bypassed the Blogger weirdness, and I got email addys to reply to.

If you start using Flickr more heavily for your pics, you won't have a problem with running out of storage space on WP. You'll like it. Go for it! ;)

Trace said...

I have Cricket Bread on WordPress, but I host it on a separate server. It makes posting comments on Blogger sites harder now since I can not easily leave my URL. WordPress is easy to use and has a huge support base of users.

Bri said...

El, seems that people are jumping ship from blogger in a mass exodus. So far, I love wordpress. It's very easy to use/navigate and when I first put up my blog, I used a .wordpress.com account. A few weeks later, I bought my own domain name and exported everything. Worked great, no problems. So, I would highly recommend it. It will take you a little while to get everything set up and make sure people change their blogrolls to link to your new site, but it will be well worth it. My hubs has a blogger site and I find it a total pain compared to mine. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Wordress. There free version is awesome and I do not have to pay to change themes or anything. The only dislike I have found is that with the free version you can not advertise. I love the layout and the overall functionality of it. I used to host on blogger until I found wordpress. I have never thought about going back. For the free version be sure you goto wordpress.com and not wordpress.org.