Friday, July 28, 2006

Sliding scales

There is a difference in the way Tom and I approach things like construction. I don't think it is a personality thing, it is just the way we value time. The above photo is something Tom emailed me yesterday when I was working down in Lakeside. His afternoon task (his mom had picked M up at school) was to put in the wire mesh and screens on the coop after first installing the drip cap. So here is the lovely drip cap being clamped and glued to a 1x1 nailer. Quite beautiful.

My approach would have been different, as in, damn, we have no time to work on this; let's find out the fastest approach, money be damned, so we can house the girls by this weekend in their new crib. But if I had had the time...yes, I would've done it that way, too.

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