Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Death, and dinner

Red Russian kale

Things had dried out so considerably that I needed to go out to the veg garden and give it a good soak this morning. It took almost an hour! It is kind of meditative, though, standing with the hose and looking at the plants, coffee cup in the other hand.

My last pro-brassica post belies the fact that I will pull out any plant that is in my way. It has sufficiently cooled down at night that I can begin succession planting all the salad stuff again. I decided these kale plants had to go. So out they came, destined to be part of a potato-kale supper tonight.

Last Thursday evening, I took the Mother of All Colanders out with me to ostensibly harvest ALL the potatoes. I only got to the first 3 rows and the colander was full. So those Yukon Golds are in the shed, atop the old chicken coop, drying out on a burlap sack. We have nibbled at a few since then; quite yummy. There is no comparison to the things you purchase at the supermarket, even though these potatoes CAME from sprouted organic potatoes that we got at...the supermarket. Eat Local, baybee: there's something about one's own terra firma, and the short commute therefrom, but boy, is it nirvana on a plate. Bon appetit.

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Liz said...

There is nothing better than homegrown potatoes. Homegrown heirloom tomatoes come close, but potatoes... so creamy and fresh. Now that's good living. :)