Monday, August 14, 2006

Who is gardening whom?

Lacinato kale, lovage and leeks

There is a philosophy of produce gardening that defines the act of cultivation as an interspecies wrangle. I suppose that is so. I certainly do a lot of killing in the garden, killing at a scale that leads my vegetarian conscience to blanch at times. The veg garden also provides an opportunity for lots of flora and fauna to take advantage of ME. For instance, the species brassica in its many forms: I am a sucker for the whole lot. I have planted entirely too many collards, kale and broccoli for normal family consumption. Its general pest-free status has enabled the things to thrive, too. And isn't this plant PRETTY?


Carol said...

I don't know about you, but I don't grow much of the brassica because they are some of the buggiest things to come out of the garden! (But it is pretty.)

El said...

Hi Carol

Nope; my brassicas are mostly bug-free (and thus entertain notions of world- or rather garden-domination). It is the squash plants that get buggy around here. In point of fact, the zucchini and yellow squash have Friday slated as Doomsday, I cannot abide the squash bugs so much.


Christa said...

That's some beautiful kale! I haven't ever tried growing kale. Like Carol, I too have been having trouble with buggy brassicas. I might have to ban them from the garden for awhile, which is a shame, because I like all kinds of brassicas.