Saturday, September 02, 2006

Food blogging


We have an esteemed visitor here this weekend, so I have stepped it up a notch, cooking-wise. In general, we eat from the garden all summer and fall, and it makes up about 75% of my daughter's and my meals and maybe 60% of my carnivorous husband's. In general, the fare is simple peasant food like garlic soup, simple basil/tomato sauce on pasta, and the odd egg-based dish like a quiche or pasta or crepes.

Here is the garden-based fare for this evening:
Beet salad with blue cheese crumbles
Soupe au Pistou
Zucchini Bread (not the sweet kind) with homemade herbed yogurt cheese
Corn from down the road
Barbecued peaches
Red Arrow Red wine from Tabor Hill Vineyards in Buchanan (15 miles)
White Demi-sec from the same
Bell's Oberon from Kalamazoo (45 miles)

Tomorrow, we shall break our fast on:
Roulade with Tomatoes and Herb Yogurt Cheese
Zucchini bread with either grape jam from our farm or strawberry jam made with berries from down the road

These are the stats, location-wise, for the non-farm fare included:

Off farm:
Raw milk from an undisclosed farm in Buchanan (it is not exactly legal to sell raw milk, I am told) from which I made yogurt and then the yogurt cheese
Blue cheese goes with the shredded beet salad. Goat cheese would work well, too
Peaches, blueberries and corn from down the road
Organic whole-wheat flour from "the Midwest" which is about as much detail as the store people would say
Salt and pepper and olive oil in the soup

Soupe au Pistou is modified from Aug 06 Food and Wine
Zucchini bread is from Bread for All Seasons by Beth Hensperger (San Francisco: Chronicle, 1995)
Roulade base is from the bible, er, fabulous Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison (worship her) (New York: Broadway Books, 1997)


Liz said...

Yum! (I also worship at the throne of D.Madison.)

Note to self: Get out more, maybe take a road trip to Michigan and crash a dinner party at El's house.

El said...

Please do!! We'd roll out the red carpet for you. And then maybe the next day (for one can't really just "drop in" from Maine to Michigan) I will ask you to make some of that lovely Indian chow you have served up lately.

Liz said...

Sounds delightful. :)