Friday, September 01, 2006


Many in the garden blogosphere are yapping about The End Of The Season. To this I say Fie, go out and look around! Frost hasn't blackened our doorsteps yet! Now, who ARE these nattering nabobs of negativity, I ask myself, and go and hurry to my ca. 1961 edition of Organic Gardening for a first-frost consult. Folks in Duluth? Guess what, first average frost there is 9/30. Certainly, the calendar has turned over to September, and the new school year will start and all those summer linens shall be put away for the season. There is much to be harvested, and much to be done, and much (thankfully) to be enjoyed yet out of the veggie garden. The flower beds are looking maybe not quite in the pink of bloom, but it is at this time that the annuals are picking up the ball and running with it, color-wise.

However, even my jaundiced, sun-soaked eye has noticed the following:

Yellow on the low sumacs
Purple on the grapes
Goldenrod! LOVE it! (seriously, it is my favorite color)
Wild white asters tall and blooming
Fluff/pantaloons on the dog
The depth and amazing fecundity of the dahlias
A blanket on the bed and socks on my feet
A shirt on my shirtless husband
Sunset at an earlier time than I think possible

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Liz said...

We've had a remarkably chilly August here...much more like September is, and socks are on my sandaled feet much sooner this year.

But the cosmos! My cosmos have never looked so good! And I adore the fall, so I'm just hoping that I get two "Septembers" this time around. :)