Thursday, September 14, 2006

Frog Hill

Our little fish pond is really a frog pond. What I never considered is that its garden would also be a frog garden.
This is the pond and garden
Do you see the frogs? Look closely.
Here they are. Altogether, we have about 15-20 of these guys.
And this is the perennial I have been the most pleased with at the pond: it is a malva. It has been in bloom all summer.


C.C. said...

Very cool pictures. I was in the greenhouse watering last night, and I noticed a fallen leaf on a pot that has some seeds I'm trying to sprout. I bent over to flick the leaf off, and was surprised to find it was a frog. I must look into some new eye glasses.

Phil said...

Nice frogs!
Lately I have noticed some little toads hopping about our lawn - I find them very endearing as they move about in the dusk.