Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fungi among-i

Can you find the mushroom in this picture? It's almost a foot tall.

Tom's off the mower for a while yet until *another* part is ordered. With all this rain, including almost 1" last night and more falling now, I suppose this isn't such a bad thing for the mower, the grass...and the mushrooms. The amanita mushrooms (the toadstools) are HUGE. Puffballs too are looking like so many lost softballs (both Chicago-sized and smaller) that can be seen from the house hundreds of feet away.

But the good news? It's too early for porcini mushrooms, and I am hoping the disabled mower lasts long enough for me to make a good harvest!


Carol said...

Yes, I see that mushroom under the spruce tree. Scary big!

I've only hunted morel mushrooms in the wild, I don't know enough about other mushrooms to pick and eat them. I'd probably poison myself.

El said...

Yeah, morels are rather easy to identify. The only reason I even knew we could eat the porcinis is I saw my neighbor harvesting them...on our land! She didn't know their name, but knew they were the same ones she would eat in her home country of Poland. So I looked them up and that is what they are: ceps, porcinis, King Boletes. I just say YUM.