Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The hoarding has begun

This a.m.'s haul

Let me be quite clear: One can never have enough compost and mulch. Yes, one can have a temporary surplus, but after 6 months, one will need more. This is a little factoid that was a surprise to me, moving from the city to the country. I mean, we've got almost 5 acres: couldn't it be self-sustaining in terms of organic materials? The answer is no, nay, never.

So when I drop my daughter off at school and after my sheep duties (more on that later), I start my run for bagged leaves in the suburban neighborhood nearby. This last weekend was the first one in which they fell. I have rules, of course: The bags must be clear. There must be no cars in the driveway, or the neighboring ones...and hopefully, the curtains are drawn (this is a neighborhood of tiny tidy ranch houses all located 30' from the curb). The stash must be on the same side of the street I am on. And so on. By Thursday, I will have nabbed about 12-15 bags, I hope; these are destined for the chipper, then the compost heaps. Next week's haul will go on the beds themselves.

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