Monday, October 09, 2006

A muted palette

(What? Another picture of that dumb garage?)

Yes indeed the garage is smack in the middle of our vista. It is serving as a bright point of contrast, though, with all the dull leaves. With few exceptions, this is not a good year for fall leaf color.

Such the pity, too. What you are looking at is the Back 40, which initially was the Back 29 before the farm was subdivided out to various relatives in the 1960s. Fortunately for us, these neighbors like things wild, and have let the back pasture go to the trees. So, there are birch, aspen, sassafras, cottonwood, oak, ash, maple, and tons of scrub trees like the autumn olive berry all growing back there. In other words, there is tons of autumn color potential, but just not this year.

Thus the end of my seasonal denial. Now I will be in the "it's still fall" mode until, what, mid-December or so.

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