Saturday, September 15, 2007

Stepping down

Bloody Beatrice, Bonnie and the guineas out on patrol

Seasonal transition is fairly gradual here. I would think it is because we're zone 6-7 and are surrounded by zone 5, but really, it's just Lake Michigan.

I loved Minnesota, but it really didn't seem like too long a time between Air Conditioning Season and Heating Season. There was no gradual step-down; it was fairly quick. (And spring, I swear, took FOREVER!!!) But I am a great season-denier. And now I live in a place that supports this crazy tendency of mine. The leaves here have had the good sense to not shock me out of my revelry: they, on the extreme side, have turned yellow-green. Only on the drive to school do I see a few heraldic (panicky) sumac and maples who've gone over to the red end of the spectrum.

Today, though, it's 10:00 and it's 48*. I think my denial will not last long! Especially now that it is cider season.


Kelly said...

Yep, we're supposed to get a frost tonight in low-lying areas. I'm on a hill... but still! Frost!

And the sugar maples are going pink yellow.

Strangely? I'm ready for it to be so...even if it was 94 degrees exactly 9 days ago.

LostRoses said...

Oh yeah, cider! Now I feel better about fall coming.

El said...

Kelly, same here! It usually never happens (that threat of frost) but it is enough to make me mad. But I don't want fall to come, at least not soon...but then again I haven't had the heat and lack of rain that have troubled your summer.

Lostroses: I usually try to at least LOOK for the upside :)

Anonymous said...

We had frost Sat. night, some of my plants were really sagging, but it wasn't a killing frost, so everything's still chugging along out there. But the peppers, tomatoes and eggplants haven't been too happy lately.

Liz said...

Sadly, we have no gradual seasonal transitions.... I think Maine is quite like Minnesota in a lot of ways.

Anyway, we got hit with the BIG frost last night: 27˚. Hallelujah for tarps! :)

El said...

Ang: we got a whiff of it, I think: on Sunday one basil plant looked slightly sunburnt. But the new spinach and pea babies LOVE it.

Liz: 27*!!! Brr. Time to fire up the woodstove and get out that kerchief! Actually, it was chilly enough that I had to find socks to put on this weekend. Tom actually put on a shirt. It was a challenge!

meresy_g said...

I'm a total season denier as well. Every single year. Although I am excited about apples.